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Cleaning Offered on a Regular Basis:

Daily, Weekly, Biweekly, and Monthly.

Don’t let your family members stress you out by refusing to take responsibility for their own chores. Nothing can be more frustrating than having to return to a dirty home, and not having the opportunity in your busy schedule to clean everything you’d like to. From light cleaning to top to bottom brand new spring cleaning, we at Tender Loving Care House Cleaning Service do it all!

In today’s hectic lifestyle, we rarely have the time and energy to perform all of our domestic responsibilities, which is why services like ours are becoming more frequent and very common. A significant part of our customer pool consists of average working people with schedules too busy to spend time performing the more inconvenient chores on their own homes. In effect, a maid service is no longer something restricted to families with large incomes. Everyone is so busy today that having domestic help is rapidly becoming a necessity. A cleaning service allows you to concentrate on your career and spend quality time with your family and friends or a well deserved day to yourself.

1. Dusting-

• Cobwebbing
• Window Sills
• Pictures and Wall Hangings
• Knick-Knacks
• Furniture

2. Vacuuming-

• Carpets and Throw Rugs
• Bare Floors
• Upholstered furniture

3. Bathrooms-
(Scrubbed, Disinfected, and Shined)

• Showers and Tubs
• Toilets
• Sinks and Counters
• Floors Swept and Mopped

4. Kitchens-
(Disinfected and Shined)

• Stove Top
• Microwave and Toaster
• Counter Tops and Sinks
• Appliances Shined
• Floors Swept and Mopped

5. Additional Service-

• All Mirrors
• TV and Electronics
• Garbage Cans are Emptied Throughout the House
• Floors Swept and Mopped
• Floors with tile, linoleum, etc. are washed.
• Bed changing may be included.