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TLC Housecleaning:
How we work with you to create a squeaky clean house!

TLC Housecleaning goes out of its way to give you the cleanest home you’ve ever seen. We are committed to making you happy. However, there are a few things you can do to help us out before we arrive.

Preparing for Your TLC Housecleaning is as Easy As 1-2-3!

1. If you have any clothing, papers, utensils, books or most anything on counter-tops or furniture, please remove any clutter so we can thoroughly clean those surfaces.
2. While we know your pets are part of the family, we always appreciate it when pets are kept safe and secure away from the cleaning and our cleaners.
3. Are we changing your sheets? Please put the linen out for us.

Now don’t worry about cleaning to prepare for our cleaners! Our business is cleaning. In fact, when we first start working with you, we’ll make up a plan so together we know exactly what you need cleaned. Let us pamper you!

Your Security Means Everything!

In most cases, our valued clients are at work or are busy with other projects on our cleaning dates. Therefore, we are usually given a spare key or the garage code to gain access to your house. We take your household security very seriously and for that reason we cross reference all keys in addition to following your instructions to the letter. If you are uncomfortable with leaving access codes or keys please make certain that someone will be at home during our cleaning period.

Have a Conflict?

If you find that there will be a conflict on your regularly scheduled cleaning date, please notify us as soon as possible. Our ideal notice period is 72 hours before our visit, but we also know that sometimes unavoidable circumstances arise. However, when it is a very short notice, we may have to charge a small fee, especially if there are repeated last minute cancellations.

TLC Hires the Best because They Clean the Best!

You will love TLC’s workers. They are great people who want to do the very best work. All of our employees are approved to work in the United States, and everyone has undergone a thorough background check. Most importantly, we train every worker “The TLC Way.” We expect excellence, and they deliver! If you’re at home, each one of our employees will happily clean around you! Speaking of that, we hire happy people who will always respect your lovely home.

Hours and Such.

TLC Housecleaning workers generally work Mondays through Fridays, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. We bring our own supply of cleaners and equipment, so you have no need to worry about rushing to the store to buy anything!

No two homes, even identical homes, are occupied in the same manner, so each home has its own cleaning plan. Sometimes we must stay a little longer and sometimes certain areas need special attention that will also affect the length of time we spend cleaning. We will be sure to inform you of that. The extra time spent cleaning an area that has heavy soiling may affect the billing for that week. TLC Housecleaning requests payment at the time of the cleaning. We accept cash and checks.

After we’re done!

After your first cleaning, we will contact you to make sure that everything was done to your expectation. TLC Housecleaning sets the highest standards in the industry and we want your honest feedback. We will also work with you if you require changes to your service. Those changes will be made on our very next visit. Your happiness is extremely important to us. If we have failed to live up to your expectations, please call us within 24 hours and we will make sure any problems are rectified!

Insurance Issues.

In case of an unforeseen accident such as an item damaged in cleaning, we will do our utmost to make repairs or if necessary, to replace the item. We carry liability and we are bonded to protect your residence and property. We also carry Workers Compensation should an employee suffer an injury while working.

Would you like TLC Housecleaning to provide you with a no-obligation housecleaning estimate? We’re always happy to do so! Please contact us at: 510-481-9193.