Here at Tender Loving Care House Cleaning Service our highest priority is in providing, a form of courtesy, that you won’t find in any other service industry. In fact, you’ll be hard pressed to find an attitude as positive as ours even within the maid industry itself! Why is this true? This is true because we believe in emphasizing old-fashioned principles within a modern community, and this philosophy is precisely what gives us the edge over our competitors.

So what exactly is courtesy, and how do we incorporate it in our service to you?

First of all, I will come out to your home personally to meet you and learn the particulars about your home. We will do a walk-through together and you can point out the details of your home so we can tailor our service to meet your particular needs. Secondly, when your cleaner arrives, he or she will have all the information at hand so you are assured to receive the service you deserve.

All Tender Loving Care employees are trained by our training staff. Maria T. is our senior trainer. She has been with Tender Loving Care for over 15 years and she makes sure when she releases a new employee that they are ready to give your home that special TLC Sparkle.

If you have your home cleaned weekly or every other week, you will get a particular person assigned to your home and that person will return each visit. I will substitute if your person is ill or on vacation. If you prefer not to have a substitute, that’s not a problem, we will reschedule your cleaning when your person returns.

If you prefer a three-week schedule or once a month service, I will try to schedule you for the same person. I cannot always guarantee that you will get the same person, as most clients are weekly or every other week and your day may fall on their regular schedule. We can usually work something out by changing your day for that particular cleaning. All of our cleaners do an excellent job, so there is no need to worry about getting a different person occasionally.

Many house cleaning services send a crew of people to your home. I have found in the 34 years I have been in business, that I prefer to send one person to your home. It may take a little longer, but the security and quality control is far superior. In sending one person, that person is responsible for whatever happens in your home on your cleaning day. When more than one person is sent, that is not the case. I have found that the employees prefer to take care of their clients themselves also. That way they know they have done a good job and that you will be happy when you walk into your sparkling clean home. Our employees take pride in their work and are happy to make your life a little easier with a nice clean home.