Castro Valley Home Cleaning & Housekeeping

Tender Loving Care House Cleaning Service has been open for business in Castro Valley since 1980. Our staff consists of the most qualified domestic help. Trained to immaculately clean your homes from top to bottom, your uniformed personal attendant will arrive at your doorstep prepared to do what they do best.

After you’ve contacted us with your interest, our CEO will personally meet you at your home to discuss the details of your needs. Together, you’ll walk through the property so she can have a greater understanding of what we can do to provide you with the very best service.

The face you see at your door on your first scheduled appointment will likely be the exact same maid that will continue to service you in the future. They will arrive already equipped with specific instructions on how to complete each task to your liking. By the time we’re finished, your home will be clean enough to be featured in your favorite magazine.

With your busy schedule and a mountain of chores screaming for your attention, it may seem next to impossible to get it all done but that’s what we’re here for. We understand the importance of taking your time to carefully clean a home. Time you probably don’t have to spare- but we’re more than prepared to compensate for your stressed schedule.

Tender Loving Care Service has decided against working with cleaning crews. Yes, they are faster than sending a personal attendant but the quality of service can’t compare. The margin for error is too great when groups of people are spread out to do various tasks. Fumbling on top of each other and rushing to finish in time to make it to the next appointment isn’t our idea of Tender Loving Care. For the same reason, we never work with contracted or referred maids either.

Personalized interactions strengthen our client’s trust and confidence. They know who to expect at their appointment and, based on previous visits, they grow excited over anticipated results. In the event that your usual maid is unavailable, our CEO will come out to your home and personally clean it herself. That’s how committed we are to the TLC standard.

We want you to feel comfortable each time we’re in your home. Each time we service your residence, we want to restore a sense of calm that your busy schedule may have caused you to forget. We are a full-service establishment. Our attendants bring the best equipment in the industry and we’ll take our time to clean every square inch of your home on up to the ceiling fans and window sills.

Our level of professionalism can’t be beat. TLC immaculately handles each client’s needs while remaining mindful of the safety and security of everyone involved. We’re licensed, insured, and bonded. All of our staff is protected by various forms of liability coverage and we’ve taken the necessary precautions to protect you, your family, your home, and every member of our team.

While we’re taking care of your domestic needs, you can relax with yourself or spend time making lasting memories with your family. If you aren’t home when we’re finished, we’ll be sure to lock up on the way out. We’d like to build a lasting relationship with you starting right now. Contact us today for more information.