Pleasanton House Cleaning

For the past 35 years, Tender Loving Care House Cleaning Service has done everything possible to ensure that Pleasanton, CA was lined with homes that were just a beautiful on the inside as they are from the curb. We’ve been a cornerstone for the community, relieving stress and frustration from households without enough time to do their domestic duties.

Would you believe that our client list consists of a healthy amount of average families? They recognize the value of allowing a professional cleaning service to help out every once in a while. Actually, many first time clients become so enthralled with all the extra free time they have when we’re cleaning their home, they decide to make it a weekly occurrence.

Tender Loving Care House Cleaning Service has proven our ability to deliver above and beyond our clients’ expectations since 1980. We appreciate the amount of trust that’s been instilled in us by our loving clients. Their schedules are already stretched to capacity and our service provides them with the relief they need. Whether you’re behind at work, need to spend more time together as a couple, or just don’t feel like mopping floors and shining counters (everyone’s been there before) – TLC is here for you.

Our personalized services can’t be beat and our prices are some of the most competitive in the market. With flexible payment options, we make it easy to make a minor investment towards your sanity.

Your sparkling service starts with a personalized visit from the CEO of our company. After spending some time learning more about you, your lifestyle, and your expectations, a walkthrough will give us a better representation of what you need from us.

One of our experienced maids will be assigned to care for your home and we’ll do everything possible to ensure that they return to each recurring appointment. By sending the same employee to take care of your needs, you’ll begin to develop a relationship with them. In turn, they’ll be able to master the ins and outs of your home’s organizational preferences. We’ll be guaranteeing your satisfaction time and again.

If your personalized maid can’t make it to any appointment, our CEO will show up to take care of your services personally. We aren’t willing to risk sacrificing your shine by overlooking any details even just one time.