San Lorenzo House Cleaning & Maid Service

Today’s world is so hectic, our get up and go mentality barely leaves us with enough free time to even change our minds. In an effort to prioritize, we are often forced to allow important matters to fall by the wayside. Cleaning the house can easily be filed away in that category. That is one of the main reasons our services are in such high demand.

Our client base ranges from the working single parent in need of a helping hand to the vibrant executive who wants their residence to look like a luxury magazine clipping- and everybody in between. Domestic services are no longer reserved for the well-off. Everybody can use a break every now and then. When you’re ready, Tender Loving Care House Cleaning Service is waiting to provide you with exceptional service at a price you can afford.

We can provide domestic help as often as it’s needed. Our uniformed staff consists of trained cleaning professionals. They can deliver routine weekly or bi-weekly services or even give you a well-deserved break once a month.

As our cleaning service takes care of your vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, kitchen, bathrooms, linens, trash, and furniture, your mind and body will be free to do whatever you want. Been dying to see a movie or go out for a relaxing spa day? Be our guest. Does one of your children have an event or activity you’d hate to miss? Leave the chores to us so you can be in attendance, cheering front and center.

You’re more than welcome to relax at home while your attendant services your residence but if there’s anything you’d like to do during that time, we encourage you to trust us to care for your home with the TLC it deserves.

We’ve earned the trust of San Lorenzo since 1980. Today’s interactions are maintained with a level of professionalism and astounding dedication that remains unmatched to the present day.

Tender Loving Care House Cleaning Service takes domestic responsibilities to another level. Your satisfaction is our primary objective. This is why we take extra measures to present you with a custom experience from our very first interaction. Our CEO will come meet you at your home to discuss everything we can do to make it most comfortable.

At your first appointment, you’ll be introduced to the same cleaning professional that we’ll try to reserve for each of your future appointments. It’s a courtesy that we naturally extend to our weekly and bi-weekly clients. However, TLC will make every attempt to do the same for our monthly and occasional clientele as well.

It’s a small gesture that has established a resounding reputation for the last 35 years. Tender Loving Care House Cleaning Service chooses to take our time and perform an intimate cleaning completed by one person opposed to sending a crew to rush through your home. You’ll never see a temporarily contracted or referred maid at your door. All of our staff is personally trained to adhere to our standard of sparkle and shine.

We’re also fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Employees are covered by a variety of Worker’s Compensation and state agreements which means we’re prepared to handle any potential liability. Fortunately, as you can see by our reviews, the TLC experience is so well designed, accidents and mishaps are virtually nonexistent.

We prefer to take our time and care for your home with safety and satisfaction in mind. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your very own TLC treatment.